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Safety: General
231 Confined Spaces

CourseCode: SOC-SAFETY231
Length: 2 Hours

Target Audience
Intermediate Level

The class Confined Spaces explains the OSHA requirements pertaining to confined spaces. A confined space has limited means of entry or exit and is not designed for continuous occupancy. Confined space hazards are caused by the material in the confined space, the activity carried out in the space, and the external environment. OSHA requires a permit for entering any confined space with an additional hazard.Confined spaces pose a safety hazard for employees. Employers must develop a written permit-required confined space program and train and certify all permit space entrants. Training should discuss the specific types of confined spaces and hazards employees will encounter at their worksite. Entrants must wear proper PPE and use specialized equipment that does not cause additional hazards.After taking this class, the user should be able to describe OSHA regulations and best practices for performing work safely in a confined space.

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