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Safety: Welding
111 PPE for Welding

CourseCode: SOC-111-640020
Length: 1 Hours

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Beginner Level

PPE for Welding introduces the purpose and uses of personal protective equipment (PPE) for welders. Welding hazards include electric shock, fume and gas exposure, arc radiation, and fire and explosion. Welders are most likely to sustain burns to the skin or eyes. OSHA and ANSI issue standards for PPE. To prevent injury, welders should wear appropriate PPE to cover all exposed skin, including safety glasses or goggles, a welding helmet, hearing protection, welding gloves, and leather high-top shoes. Welding PPE should be fire resistant, protect the eyes from harmful light, fit comfortably, and provide adequate protection. Employers must train employees in proper PPE use and complete a hazard assessment.Proper PPE not only protects workers from injury, but helps prevent productivity loss due to sick time and ensures that workplaces are OSHA compliant. After taking this class, users should be able to describe the PPE necessary to perform welding operations safely.

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