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Maintenance: Robotics
331 Robot Troubleshooting

CourseCode: SOC-331-620250
Length: 1 Hours

Target Audience
Advanced Level

Robot Troubleshooting describes the systematic approach of solving issues that cause robotic malfunction. Robots are complex assemblies that have many components that may require troubleshooting, including motors, end effectors, and joints. Troubleshooting focuses on identifying the root cause of a problem rather than simply addressing the symptoms, then identifying a corrective action that will resolve the root cause.Malfunctioning robots can drastically reduce the efficiency and safety of a work space. In addition to potentially creating defective parts, damaging parts, and packing parts incorrectly, malfunctioning robots may need to be removed from service to undergo repairs, which consumes time and resources. After taking this class, users will know the basic troubleshooting process, useful troubleshooting tools, and common robotic malfunction root causes and corrective actions.

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