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Maintenance: Robotics
201 Introduction to Robotics

CourseCode: SOC-201-620210
Length: 1 Hours

Target Audience
Intermediate Level

Introduction to Robotics describes the basics of industrial robotics, including types, applications, and programming methods. Industrial robots are reprogrammable machines that can perform repetitive or dangerous tasks with a high degree of accuracy. Manufacturers increasingly use robots to perform such tasks in order to speed up production, improve part quality, and preserve operator safety. However, robots require human engineers and operators to program, maintain, repair, and oversee them.Industrial robots are highly complex machines that come in a number of types, including stationary robots and mobile robots. These robots are made of a number of intricate components that must be assembled and maintained properly. Similarly, all robots must be programmed to perform a task, and that programming can require adjusting. After taking this class, students will know the basic robot components, type, applications, and programming methods, as well as safety protocols.

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