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Maintenance: Motor Controls
321 DC Motor Applications

CourseCode: SOC-321-920230
Length: 1 Hours

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Advanced Level

DC Motor Applications provides a comprehensive overview of DC motors and their uses in industry. DC motors generally consist of an armature, a commutator, brushes, and field windings. DC motors may be series, shunt, or compound, depending on their field winding connections. Some DC motors use permanent magnets instead of field windings. In general, DC motors offer high torque and easy speed control, but they require more maintenance than AC motors.DC motors are used to provide control for many applications in industry, and most older manufacturing equipment uses DC motors. Since older equipment is more likely to need maintenance than newer equipment, personnel working with motor controls are more likely to need to service DC motors than AC motors. This class provides users with a good understanding of how DC motors work so that they can effectively operate and maintain these motors.

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