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Maintenance: Mechanical Systems
251 Gear Applications

CourseCode: SOC-251-440160
Length: 1 Hours

Target Audience
Intermediate Level

Gear Applications provides an overview of the many different types of gears and gear drives used in mechanical applications. Gears are an essential part of many applications because they transmit power and motion as well as alter the speed, torque, or direction of mechanical energy. Gear design and the structure of gear drives vary depending upon their application. As a result, both an application's key variables and a gear's capabilities must be assessed in order to choose the most appropriate gear for the application's needs.Without proper application and maintenance, gears will function less efficiently, increasing the chance for premature failure and downtime. A lack of knowledge will consequently slow production as well as add excess waste and cost to the process. After taking this class, a user should be able to identify different gears, understand gear drive abilities, and possess the knowledge to safely operate gear systems.

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