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Machining: Manual Machining
311 Taper Turning on the Engine Lathe

CourseCode: SOC-311-280225
Length: 1 Hours

Target Audience
Advanced Level

Taper Turning on the Engine Lathe describes how to machine common types of tapers on an engine lathe. Cylindrical tapers are a uniform change in diameter on a cylindrical object and help to align and hold various tools and workholding devices. A taper's angle is commonly expressed by taper per inch or foot, and the class covers these measurement types. It also describes the most common taper turning methods performed on the engine lathe: using a taper attachment, using the compound rest, and offsetting the tailstock. Each method has advantages and disadvantages.Taper turning is a common but advanced machining process. If a machine operator does not select the appropriate method for turning a specific taper or fails to execute the turning operation correctly, it will lead to scrapped parts and wasted labor. After taking the course, users will understand the processes to create external and internal tapers on the engine lathe.

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