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Machining: Manual Machining
271 Holemaking on the Manual Mill

CourseCode: SOC-271-280150
Length: 1 Hours

Target Audience
Intermediate Level

Holemaking on the Manual Mill provides information on the principles and processes for various holemaking operations that the manual milling machine can perform. A manual mill is capable of a number of precise holemaking operations, including drilling, tapping, reaming, counterboring, countersinking, and boring. Each holemaking operation requires different tools, preparation, and operation.Machinists commonly perform holemaking operations on the manual mill and must perform them accurately to produce parts that are within tolerance. If holemaking operations are not precise and accurate, assembly of the part will be impossible, leading to increased scrap. Manual machinists must understand how to carry out the various holemaking operations in order to reduce costs and increase quality.

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