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Foundational: Safety
191 Flammable/Combustible Liquids

CourseCode: SOC-SAFETY191
Length: 2 Hours

Target Audience
Beginner Level

Flammable and Combustible Liquids describes procedures required to safely handle, store, and dispose of dangerous liquids. Flammable and combustible liquids are divided into different categories or classifications based on properties such as flash and boiling points. Anyone who must handle or transfer these liquids must take precautions such as bonding and grounding to prevent accidental ignition. OSHA requires proper hazard communication and written procedures for any process involving flammable and combustible liquids, and details various standards for methods of storage, transfer, and safe disposal.Proper handling, storing, and disposing of flammable and combustible liquids prevents costly and potentially deadly fires in the workplace. Flammable and Combustible Liquids provides users with information on liquid hazards as well as safe methods of storage, handling, transfer, use, and disposal.

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