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Foundational: Safety
102 Ergonomics

CourseCode: SOC-SAFETY102
Length: 2 Hours

Target Audience
Beginner Level

The class Ergonomics provides an overview of the science of ergonomics and its application in the workplace. Ergonomic hazards may be present in any work environment, and are a common safety risk. Not all ergonomic risks are apparent, but they can still cause musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Vibration, poor posture or positioning, and repetitive motion are common ergonomic hazards, though back injuries are the most common workplace injuries. The majority of work-related back injuries are caused by unsafe lifting techniques. Even computer tasks can cause MSDs over time. Ergonomic solutions should be tailored to the individual employee performing the job or task.Ergonomic programs are an effective way for any employer to increase employee safety, decrease injury and illness, reduce sick time, boost employee morale, and reduce turnover rates. Implementing proper ergonomics in the workplace increases productivity and reduces the cost of sick leave and new employee training.

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