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Foundational: Materials
261 Thermosets

CourseCode: SOC-261-180155
Length: 1 Hours

Target Audience
Intermediate Level

Thermosets introduces users to the key characteristics and types of thermosets as well as common processing methods. A thermoset is a strong, rigid plastic with a cross-linked molecular structure that makes it difficult to recycle and re-use. Common thermosets include phenolics, epoxies, polyester, polyurethane, silicone, and elastomers. Many composites use thermosets as the binding matrix to create a thermally stable material. Thermosets may be molded or cast using a variety of shaping processes.After taking this class, users will understand thermosets' basic applications, unique behaviors, structures, and processing methods. This knowledge allows users to select the best thermoset for an application.

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