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Online Self-paced Learning
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Technology Catalog
Access a broad selection of self-guided, interactive, industrial courses designed to meet your needs.
  • Available 24/7
  • Perfect for building a staff training plan and on-boarding new employees
  • Our catalog contains nearly 400 unique titles
Course Tests Document Knowledge Gains:
Knowledge retention is essential to improved work performance. Completing a course final exam allows you to validate that you have learned the essential course content. Test scores and completion certificates are available to you on the My Online Courses page, which is accessible from the main SITRAIN LMS page after you have logged in.
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10 Technology Catalog Courses $350.00
25 Technology Catalog Courses $695.00
Complete Technology Catalog $950.00
All plans are for a single user. For site or multi-user packages of 100 users or more,
please contact our registrar: 770-625-5644,
Course Features Designed to Enhance Learning:
Our courses include high-quality graphics, well-written on-screen text, supporting voiceover narration, and interactive exercises. Most of the courses in our Technology catalog also include printable course content for reference and underlined vocabulary terms with definitions that pop up on mouseover.

Technology courses can be completed in one to two hours, and Health & Safety courses can be completed in under an hour. You can easily exit a course and later return to where you left off. In addition, you can repeat a course at any time and use the menu feature to go directly to the content you wish to review.

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