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SITRAIN access: Subscribe to the Global Digital Offering
sitrain access global digital offering
Knowledge that gets you ahead:
SITRAIN access is learning for the digital age. It offers individualized ways to build your knowledge, along with access to exclusive digital training courses. Take advantage of lasting, successful learning with a wide variety of learning methods. Improve your skills – whether working in groups with others, or by yourself. Whenever, wherever and however you need. Click here to watch the system in action!      Click here to download a PDF with more detail.
  • Self-paced-learning modules: With a SITRAIN access subscription, you will receive an account for one year. With this account, you have access to all self-paced-learning modules (WBTs, videos, etc.) for various industry topics. You can get a first impression of the currently available content here.
  • Tests: Successful learning is an important part of SITRAIN access. To ensure this, checkpoints and tests are an integral part of each learning module.
  • Exercises with Virtual Exercise Lab: VE Lab is a cloud-based environment with pre-installed software ( TIA Portal etc.) In your first SITRAIN access subscription two (2) hours for VE Lab are included.
  • Expert Talks: In regular webinars, you will receive first-hand information from our experts on Siemens Industry products.
  • Management Account: A management account is possible if at least five (5) subscriptions are purchased. This account enables managers to have an overview of their employees' training activities and to assign courses to them.

Click here to contact the SITRAIN Registrar regarding a SITRAIN access subscription.

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