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BMW-S7OILTIAP1-20230595BMW Virtual Machine Lease (S7)03/20/202303/24/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$0...X
SCT-PTOILPLCI1A-20230138Introduction to TIA Portal - Virtual03/20/202303/24/2023FullVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X
SCT-S7OILPLCI1B-20230142Introduction to SIMATIC PLCs and Languages - Virtual03/20/202303/24/2023ConfirmedVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X
BMW-PTOILTIAP1-20230596BMW Virtual Machine Lease (Portal)03/27/202303/31/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$0...X
SCT-PTOILTIAP1A-20230139TIA Portal Programming 1 - Virtual04/10/202304/14/2023ConfirmedVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,200...X
SCT-PCOILSYSE1D-20230150PCS7 System Engineering 1 - Virtual04/17/202304/21/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,600...X
SCT-PTOILTIAP2A-20230587TIA Portal Programming 2 - Virtual04/24/202304/28/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,200...X
SCT-TIAOILEDGE-20230163Edge - Virtual05/02/202305/04/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X
SCT-PTOILTIAP1A-20230160TIA Portal Programming 1 - Virtual05/08/202305/12/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,200...X
IEN-RCOILMSWROU-20230380Switching & Routing in Industrial Networks with RUGGEDCOM - Virtual05/15/202305/19/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,795...X
SCT-PTOILPLCI1A-20230168Introduction to TIA Portal - Virtual05/15/202305/19/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X
SCT-S7OILPLCI1B-20230172Introduction to SIMATIC PLCs and Languages - Virtual05/15/202305/19/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X
IEN-NETOILFUND-20230577Fundamentals of Industrial Networking - Virtual05/23/202305/24/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$1,295...X
SCT-S7OILTIAP1C-20230182S7 Programming 1 - Virtual06/05/202306/09/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,600...X
SCT-TIAOILBRAU-20230548BRAUMAT / SISTAR - Virtual06/05/202306/09/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$4,050...X
IEN-IKOILMONCR-20230382Monitoring and Configuration with SINEC NMS for RUGGEDCOM-Virtual06/06/202306/09/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,295...X
SCT-PTOILTIAP1A-20230185TIA Portal Programming 1 - Virtual06/12/202306/16/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,200...X
IEN-IKOILWLADV-20210716Diagnostics & Optimization of Industrial Wireless LAN - Virtual06/13/202306/14/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$1,295...X
SCT-PTOILTIAP2A-20230588TIA Portal Programming 2 - Virtual06/19/202306/23/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,200...X
IEN-RCOILMSECROX-20220891Security in Industrial Networks with RUGGEDCOM - Virtual06/27/202306/29/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$1,795...X
SCT-TIAOILEDGE-20230196Edge - Virtual06/27/202306/29/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X
SCT-TIAOILSICAR-20230133SICAR in TIA Portal - Virtual06/27/202306/29/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,650...X
SCT-PTOILPLCI1A-20230197Introduction to TIA Portal - Virtual07/10/202307/14/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X
SCT-S7OILPLCI1B-20230199Introduction to SIMATIC PLCs and Languages - Virtual07/10/202307/14/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X
IEN-IKOILMONCR-20230383Monitoring and Configuration with SINEC NMS for RUGGEDCOM-Virtual07/11/202307/14/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,295...X
IEN-RCOILADVSR-20220445Advanced Switching & Routing in Industrial Networks with RUGGEDCOM - Virtual07/17/202307/21/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,495...X
SCT-PTOILTIAP1A-20230208TIA Portal Programming 1 - Virtual07/31/202308/04/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,200...X
IEN-RCOILMSWROU-20220892Switching & Routing in Industrial Networks with RUGGEDCOM - Virtual08/14/202308/18/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,795...X
SCT-S7OIL300S1-20230229S7 Automation Maintenance 1 - Virtual08/28/202309/01/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,600...X
SCT-TIAOILEDGE-20230230Edge - Virtual08/28/202308/30/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X
SCT-PCOILSYSE1D-20230212PCS7 System Engineering 1 - Virtual09/11/202309/15/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,600...X
SCT-PTOILTIAP1A-20230227TIA Portal Programming 1 - Virtual09/11/202309/15/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,200...X
SCT-S7OILTIAP1C-20230235S7 Programming 1 - Virtual09/11/202309/15/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,600...X
SCT-TIAOILBRAU-20230549BRAUMAT / SISTAR - Virtual09/11/202309/15/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$4,050...X
SCT-PTOILSFTE1A-20230233TIA Portal Safety Engineering - Virtual09/12/202309/14/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,600...X
SCT-PTOILPLCI1A-20230239Introduction to TIA Portal - Virtual09/25/202309/29/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X
SCT-S7OILPLCI1B-20230243Introduction to SIMATIC PLCs and Languages - Virtual09/25/202309/29/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X
SCT-TIAOILBRAU-20230547BRAUMAT / SISTAR - Virtual10/09/202310/13/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$4,050...X
SCT-TIAOILSICAR-20230253SICAR in TIA Portal - Virtual10/10/202310/12/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,650...X
SCT-PTOILTIAP1A-20230254TIA Portal Programming 1 - Virtual10/16/202310/20/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,200...X
SCT-TIAOILEDGE-20230258Edge - Virtual10/17/202310/19/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X
SCT-PTOILTIAMC1A-20230273SIMATIC Motion Control 1 in the TIA Portal - Virtual11/06/202311/08/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,500...X
SCT-PTOILTIAMC2A-20230274SIMATIC Motion Control 2 in the TIA Portal - Virtual11/09/202311/10/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,200...X
SCT-PCOILSYSE2D-20230280PCS7 System Engineering 2 - Virtual11/13/202311/17/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,600...X
SCT-TIAOILBRAU-20230550BRAUMAT / SISTAR - VIRTUAL11/13/202311/17/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$4,050...X
SCT-PTOILPLCI1A-20230285Introduction to TIA Portal - Virtual11/27/202312/01/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X
SCT-S7OILPLCI1B-20230289Introduction to SIMATIC PLCs and Languages - Virtual11/27/202312/01/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X
SCT-PTOILTIAP1A-20230296TIA Portal Programming 1 - Virtual12/04/202312/08/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,200...X
SCT-PCOILSYSE1D-20230272PCS7 System Engineering 1 - Virtual12/11/202312/15/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,600...X
SCT-S7OILTIAP1C-20230302S7 Programming 1 - Virtual12/11/202312/15/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$3,600...X
SCT-TIAOILEDGE-20230303Edge - Virtual12/12/202312/14/2023PendingVirtual Instructor-led Learning$2,100...X


BMW Virtual Machine Lease (S7)

Course Code: BMW-S7OILTIAP1

This class is past the cutoff for online enrollments. Please click here to contact SITRAIN Registrar to enroll BMW-S7OILTIAP1-20230595

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List Price: Contact the Registrar. Price is subject to change without notice.

Virtual Instructor-led Learning

Siemens Virtual Instructor-led courses offer students a live, classroom experience with the convenience and cost savings of online learning. These courses provide hands-on instruction and live interaction, delivered anywhere an internet connection is available.

Virtual courses will run Monday thru Friday. Depending on the course you select, sessions may be just morning, just afternoon, or both morning and afternoon. Exact times will be communicated upon enrollment.

Virtual sessions provide students with lecture, demonstration, lab exercises, and Q&A sessions – all presented by Siemens subject matter experts. For the full course duration, students can complete assignments and reinforce classroom instruction using a virtual cloud-based application providing 24/5 access to fully functional Siemens software such as SIMATIC STEP 7 and PLCSIM.

Virtual Instructor-led courses include:

  • Scheduled lectures and demonstrations
  • Live group and individual Q&A sessions
  • 24/7 access to fully functional Siemens application software (ex., SIMATIC STEP 7)
  • Working automation projects using Siemens PLCSIM simulation tools
  • Lab exercises and solution reviews
  • Full student and instructor desktop sharing

Minimum system requirements for students:

  • Internet Access
  • Safari >= V6 is supported but Chrome >= V15 or Firefox >= V16 are preferred
  • Decent Internet Connection (if you can stream YouTube videos without buffering, bandwidth and system are adequate)
  • Second monitor
  • The SITRAIN Digital Industries Learning technical producer will forward unique IDs to access the virtual platform prior to the first day.

Performance Tips for Virtual Training

Here are a few tips to improve your computer’s technical performance and enhance your user experience during a Siemens’ virtual training course.

  1. No later than one hour before your session is scheduled to begin, test your computer and internet readiness using the ReadyTech performance precheck:
  2. Dual monitors/screens are highly recommended; one for your ReadyTech virtual lab and one to display and follow along with the participant study guide.
  3. Use a phone with a mute button paired headset or speaker to help you avoid using *3 to unmute/mute your line while using the course dial-in audio number.
  4. If you are experiencing system slowness or screen lag, these suggestions may help:
    1. Close unnecessary software, apps, and browser windows before class time.
    2. Close any unnecessary VPN tools and connections.
    3. Try rebooting your personal computer at a class break. If that helps, you may want to reboot your machine before the start of class each day.
    4. If you suspect your internet connectivity is the issue and you are working from home, we recommend unplugging your modem for 20-30 seconds each morning to give your internet signal a fresh reset.
    5. Use a wired internet connect to your network/modem
  5. If your ReadyTech virtual machine freezes or won’t perform a task, you can perform a soft reboot of your system using the following instructions:
    1. While logged into your virtual lab instance, click on the Desktop dropdown at the top of your ReadyTech window.
    2. Mouse over Actions and click on the arrow.
    3. Scroll over to Soft Reboot and select it, then click OK in the notification box
    4. The reboot will take about 2-3 minutes. You will have to click on the "Connect to the Lab" image to log back into your virtual lab instance.
  6. If you continue to have ReadyTech system issues, please let your instructor know. If the problems persist, contact ReadyTech Support:
    1. Email:
    2. Call: +1 510-834-3344 (recommended)



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