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PIA-PAOPTIA1-20210381Introduction to Process Gas Chromatography : CLS10/26/202110/28/2021FullBaton Rouge, LA$2,400...X
PIA-PAMAXGCP1-20210382Maxum Operation with GCP Level 1 : CLS11/01/202111/04/2021FullBaton Rouge, LA$3,000...X
PIA-PAMAXGCP2-20210383Maxum Operation with GCP Level 2 : CLS11/08/202111/11/2021ConfirmedBaton Rouge, LA$3,000...X
PIA-PAMAXGCP1-10007229Maxum Operation with GCP Level 111/15/202111/18/2021PendingBaton Rouge, LA$3,000...X
PIA-PAMAXGCP1-20220356Maxum Operation with GCP Level 1 : CLS03/07/202203/10/2022PendingBaton Rouge, LA$3,000...X
PIA-PAMAXGCP2-20220359Maxum Operation with GCP Level 2 : CLS03/14/202203/17/2022PendingBaton Rouge, LA$3,000...X
PIA-PAOPTIA1-220220382Introduction to Process Gas Chromatography : CLS09/27/202209/29/2022PendingBaton Rouge, LA$2,400...X
PIA-PAMAXGCP1-220220384Maxum Operation with GCP Level 1 : CLS10/03/202210/06/2022PendingBaton Rouge, LA$3,000...X
PIA-PAMAXGCP2-220220391Maxum Operation with GCP Level 2 : CLS10/10/202210/13/2022PendingBaton Rouge, LA$3,000...X


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