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DetailSIMOTION8/15/20228/19/2022ConfirmedOakville, ONCDN-MID10478-20227126
DetailTIA PORTAL UNIFIED WINCC PANELS (NEW) - VIRTUAL8/15/20228/17/2022ConfirmedVirtual CACDN-ST-OILTIAUWCCM-20227132
DetailPCS7 System Engineering 1 - Virtual9/19/20229/23/2022PendingVirtual CACDN-OILPCS7-SYS5-10007279
DetailTIA Portal Service 1 - Virtual9/19/20229/23/2022PendingVirtual CACDN-ST-OILTIASERV1-10007286
DetailSINUMERIK 840D SL MAINTENANCE9/26/20229/30/2022PendingOakville, ONCDN-NC-84D-SIP1-20227129
DetailTIA PORTAL PROGRAMMING 210/3/202210/7/2022PendingOakville, ONCDN-ST-TIAPRO2-20227109
DetailSINUMERIK 840D PL Maintenance10/3/202210/7/2022FullOakville, ONCDN-NC-84PL-SIP1-10007283
DetailTIA Portal Programming 1 - francais10/17/202210/21/2022PendingSt. Laurent OfficeCDN-ST-TIAPRO1F-10007287
DetailTIA PORTAL PROGRAMMING 310/24/202210/28/2022PendingOakville, ONCDN-ST-TIAPRO3-20227111
DetailS7 v5.5 PROGRAMMING 110/31/202211/4/2022PendingOakville, ONCDN-S7-PRO1-20227116
DetailSERVICE ET DEPANNAGE SUR SYSTEME S7 en français10/31/202211/4/2022PendingSt. Laurent OfficeCDN-ST-MAINTF-20227103
DetailTIA PORTAL PROGRAMMING 111/14/202211/18/2022PendingOakville, ONCDN-ST-TIAPRO1-20227108
DetailPROGRAMMATION TIA PORTAL NIVEAU 2 en fran�ais11/14/202211/18/2022PendingSt. Laurent OfficeCDN-ST-TIAPRO2V15F-20227102
DetailSINUMERIK 840D SL MAINTENANCE11/21/202211/25/2022PendingOakville, ONCDN-NC-84D-SIP1-20227130
DetailPROGRAMMATION DU STEP 7 NIVEAU 1 en fran�ais11/21/202211/25/2022PendingSt. Laurent OfficeCDN-S7-PRO1F-20227104
DetailS7 v5.5 PROGRAMMING 212/5/202212/9/2022PendingOakville, ONCDN-S7-PRO2-20227117
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